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Angry Birds On The Nook Color! PDF Print E-mail
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Nook ColorThe Nook Color is my favorite ebook reader.  Soon it will be my favorite Android tablet.  The rumored update is on the way the will add more apps and Flash compatibility. Click below for more info.

Nook Color on HSN

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Time For Spring Cleaning PDF Print E-mail
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ShredRichland County Solid Waste Department is hosting special electronic recycling and document shredding events in various areas throughout Richland County. The events will be open to all Richland County residents and the following items will be accepted: tires, computers, televisions, household electronics, microwave ovens, scrap metal and paper documents for shredding. Click here for locations and more info.

The Keep The Midlands Beautiful website has excellent information on ways to recycle. Their calendar has a listing of many shredding and recycling events throughout the Midlands. 

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Uses For Your Old USB Flash Drive PDF Print E-mail
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USB Flash Drive

Over the years as the storage capacity of USB flash drives has increased, many of us now have an old USB flash drive around that we no longer use. Here are some tips to put these drives to good use and save you some time and aggravation in the future.

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Let The Buyer Beware! PDF Print E-mail
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There’s no such thing as a free lunch!
If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is!
Read the fine print!

If you’re over thirty, I’m sure your mother drilled these words of wisdom into your head.  Well maybe your mother didn’t but we’ve all heard these familiar phrases over and over.

When I’m on the internet, I see lots and lots of click ads on Yahoo mail, the news sights and many other sites I visit from day to day.  They’re all the same - teeth whitening, free grant money, miracle berry supplements and make money from home.  I also see the same thing in my email junk folder.  Since January 2009 there has been a significant increase of complaints from consumers against the practices of hundreds of venders selling these types of products and services.

Most of these ads offer products or services on a membership or subscription basis – you pay a fee every month for monthly shipments of products or continuation of services.  You start out with a free or inexpensive trial offer and then you start paying full price thereafter.  According to the fine print or terms and conditions, you can stop these at any time.  But most consumers don’t read the fine print.  Some don’t even realize they will have a charge every month, or by accepting the free offer, they are agreeing to additional charges.  Most companies will start charging the full price within days of accepting the trial offer.  Some will automatically start charging for other products or services – there may be several charges within thirty days from the start of the trial offer.  It’s all disclosed in the fine print, the terms and agreements.

I won’t even venture a guess about the quality of the products or services sold by many of these companies.  My opinion is this – if a company uses deceptive practices to get your money, this speaks volumes about what they’re selling.

The next time you click on of one these ads, be sure to click on and read the terms and agreements to find out just how much the “free” trial will cost you.  And so, let the buyer beware; it may not be a good deal and it’s definitely not free if you have to use a credit or debit card to sign up.






Our Niece To Visit Australia In July! PDF Print E-mail
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Our grandniece is preparing for her second summer in the elite program “People to People.” She is a rising sophomore in Leesburg, Virginia and will be celebrating her 16th birthday in August. The lovely, talented and brilliant—yes, no bias here—young lady will be spending this summer in Australia. Last summer she traveled to Italy and Greece.

People to People International

People to People International dates back more than half a century to its founding by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. Eisenhower was acting on his firm belief that direct interaction between ordinary citizens around the world can promote cultural understanding and world peace. That proud legacy of hope lives on in People to People Ambassador Programs on seven continents.


Student Ambassadors travel to every continent on the globe, primarily during the months of June, July, and August, with additional programs taking place during winter break. Comprising up to forty students per group, delegations visit exciting locations on all seven continents, from Europe to Asia, Africa to Antarctica.

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People To People

Our grandniece (far left) and friends last year at the Trevi Fountain!

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